LADY AT THE BAT: Aside From Judge, Yankees' Fireworks Fizzle In July 4th Loss

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Aside From Judge, Yankees' Fireworks Fizzle In July 4th Loss

When CC Sabathia was activated from the DL before the game yesterday, it was Bryan Mitchell who was optioned as the corresponding move. Not Luis Cessa, whose turn it was to start. As I speculated in a tweet, Cessa was likely kept around for long relief, in case Sabathia didn't have it. Well, Sabathia didn't have it, and Cessa showed why the Yankees are so high on him.

Could Sabathia have used a rehab start? Maybe. He was getting squeezed by the umpire, but the ump wasn't entirely at fault. Unlike Betances the other night, Sabathia placed all the blame on himself, and is ready to move on.

Both Sabathia and Aaron Judge, who hit his Major-League-leading 28th home run yesterday, blamed their team's free-fall solely on the injury bug. Hey guys, guess what? You're WRONG. It's been the bullpen at turns, and the starting rotation. Also, the offense has disappeared on more than one occasion.

Speaking of offense, Chris Carter's second (and, hopefully final) DFA was welcome news to all Yankees fans. Ji Man Choi will get a chance now. If that doesn't work they will need to look for someone to finish out the season (unless Tyler Austin heals in time). Everyone keeps talking about making a trade for Yonder Alonso or Eric Hosmer. However, we all know the Yankees are loathe to part with any of their top prospects (and it would definitely take top prospects to acquire Hosmer). If they simply want a serviceable 1B to finish out the season, sign James Loney. They won't lose any prospects, and Loney would, at least, be an upgrade over Carter.

They're thinking of exploratory surgery for Greg Bird. In a media scrum the other day, Bird balked at the mention of it. His response reminded me of a an episode of the YES reality show "Homegrown: The Path To Pinstripes," during which Bird nearly snapped at a coach while he was in the batting cage. Do we have an attitude problem here? He's probably just extremely frustrated right now. Let's hope that's all it is.

A Derby Controversy?
Word has come down that the Rays's Logan Morrison and others are not happy with Gary Sanchez's participation in the Home Run Derby. Morrison, who has 24 home runs to Sanchez's 13, seems to understand that invitations to the event revolve around marketing the game. However, why say anything? He makes himself look small.

Judge definitely does not look small. All marketing aside, I think he is a big reason Sanchez is in the Derby. He is an all-team guy, who I know didn't want the focus on himself after he confirmed being invited. I don't know something else: whether Judge said he wouldn't participate unless Sanchez did as well. It's hard to rule it out, in my opinion. I'd like to think it is true.

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