LADY AT THE BAT: Betances Costs the Yankees Yet Another Game

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Betances Costs the Yankees Yet Another Game

Can Dellin Betances recuse himself from the All Star Game?

I mean, really, you have to hope he is not used next Tuesday. If the game still counted this would have to be a serious consideration. As it is, he could, at the very least, embarrass the Yankees in that embarrassment of a ballpark down in Miami.

Yankees president Randy Levine must be gloating right now. However, if you listen to Joe Girardi, there is nothing to be worried about regarding Betances long term.

Girardi. That's another story. I don't have a problem with him bringing Betances into the game in the first place. After all, Chad Green had already given up the tying run. But to sit there and let Betances walk four batters? Absolutely ridiculous. And it's not just his mistake with Betances. Letting Brett Gardner lay down a sacrifice bunt which resulted in Aaron Judge being intentionally walked, then lying during the post-game, saying Gardner was bunting for a base hit? Come on.

At least there was Judge to fall back on again. He is likely to destroy Joe DiMaggio's Yankees record for home runs by a rookie. He's already destroyed all the exit velo numbers, though I'm sure he doesn't care about that. To be honest, who does?

Major League Baseball does, that's who. All this talk about exit velo, Stat Cast, launch angle, etc. Then there's the rumor about the balls being juiced this year. Could there be a connection? They have all this new technology at their disposal and they're just dying to use it. You have to admit, sending that letter to the teams denying the balls are juiced is somewhat suspicious.

We'll have a visit from the Brew Crew this weekend! Oh, I remember when the Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League! They were pretty good against the Yankees then. Let's hope that isn't the case anymore, but I have a sinking feeling that it is.

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