LADY AT THE BAT: Five Yankees All Stars, Plus, Vote Didi!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Five Yankees All Stars, Plus, Vote Didi!

It's been nearly a month since the Yankees won a series. They continued this downward trend yesterday with their 8-1 loss to the Astros. They are something like 4-19 during their current slide, and are now three games behind in the AL East. However, thanks to their early-season success, this team will have five (and, possibly six) players to represent it in the All Star Game.

RF Aaron Judge (elected by fans; leading vote getter)
2B Starlin Castro (via player ballot)
C Gary Sanchez (via player ballot)
P Luis Severino (via player ballot)
P Dellin Betances (via player ballot)

It's hard to accept Betances on this one. True, he had success early in the season, but he didn't make that many appearances, even when Aroldis Chapman was on the DL. YES reporter Jack Curry had been pulling for Severino, and I suppose I agree with him; he has definitely been better than Betances. Nothing bad to say about Sanchez here. He deserves it. Castro probably will not play due to his current DL stint, which should open the door for Robinson Cano, whom everyone feels was snubbed.

As for Judge, the only question is will he participate in the Home Run Derby. I think he will. He's such a team guy, maybe he'd rather not take the focus away from his teammates right away. Or, it could be that he was waiting to see if he was actually going to be an All Star. In any case, we should know his plans this week.

Finally, SS Didi Gregorius is on the American League Final Vote Ballot. Tough going for Didi. His position is loaded. So many great shortstops! At least he has this final door to knock on. Come on, guys. Let's help him get through it. Vote here.

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