LADY AT THE BAT: Good Showing For Yankees At Fenway

Monday, July 17, 2017

Good Showing For Yankees At Fenway

After Friday night's crushing loss it was hard to avoid that sinking feeling that the season was over for the New York Yankees. Then, as they were being dominated by Chris Sale the following day, it almost seemed ridiculous not to embrace that feeling.  But things changed after that. Not in a hurry, but they did change.

There were several good things to take from this four-game series with the Red Sox, among them:

1. A split. Losing the series would have put another nail in the coffin, and a sweep would have been the final one. The split also included back-to-back wins for the first time since early June. Today the Yankees are no further behind than they were at the start of the All Star Break, with series against two teams they've had plenty of success against, the Twins and the Mariners, coming up this week.

2. The bullpen. Aside from Aroldis Chapman's soul-crushing blown save on Friday night, the 'pen performed as if they were a totally different group of guys. If there was an MVP of the series, it would have to be shared by all of them. Let's hope all these great outings continue.

3. CC Sabathia. He hadn't pitched in 11 days, and wasn't originally scheduled to pitch in this series. I expected the worst but he gave us the best. Definitely a good sign for the remainder of the season.

4. Luis Severino. While Chris Sale was dominating the Yankees offense, Severino pitched his heart out. He left the game trailing only by one run, which gave his team a chance to (eventually) come back and win.

Good showing, guys. Target Field awaits. Keep the bullseye on the building and off yourselves.

Pain and Suffering
We learned Friday afternoon that Michael Pineda will likely have season-ending Tommy John Surgery. What a terrible break for Pineda, who will be a free agent after this season. As for the Yankees, it's almost the perfect scenario. Almost. They won't be able to trade him the way they did Ivan Nova last season. Good luck, Big Mike.

Aaron Judge is in pain, as well. However, his isn't of the physical kind (as far as we know). Judge is in his first real slump of the season. He did hit the ball well in yesterday's night-cap, but Jackie Bradley, Jr made sure he had nothing to show for it. Judge handled it well, replying to a tweet by the A's Ryon Healy with this:

Gotta love the attitude. Hang in there, Aaron.

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