LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Beat Big Sexy, Make Sexy Trade

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yankees Beat Big Sexy, Make Sexy Trade

Rumors of the trade began right around the time Bartolo Colon took the mound to make his Twins debut. They continued as Big Sexy mowed the Yankees down in the early innings, and after he was finally knocked out by Gary Sanchez's two-run double. Shortly after Aroldis Chapman closed out the 6-3 win, the trade was final.

Yankees get- 1B/3B Todd Frazier, RHP David Robertson, RHP Tommy Kahnle

White Sox get- RHP Tyler Clippard, OF Blake Rutherford, LHP Ian Clarkin, OF Tito Polo

I'm not blown away by Todd Frazier, since he's only a rental. However, if that's what it took to re-acquire David Robertson, who still has a year on his deal, then so be it. Also, Tommy Kahnle seems to be a good pickup, an arm they had in the past but couldn't keep.

Good riddance Tyler Clippard! I love the fact that they dropped him relatively quickly (although, it could have been quicker), rather acting like he's extorting them, a la Stephen Drew. As for Blake Rutherford, it really hurts to see him go, but there were a ton of outfielders ahead of him. Also, I'm sure the greedy White Sox would not have agreed to the deal had Rutherford not been included.

A big welcome to Tommy and the Todd Father. Welcome home D-Rob.

Now it's time for the Yankees to win a series. Montgomery vs Berrios today. Get 'er done.

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