LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Beat Cincy, AL East Deficit Down To One

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yankees Beat Cincy, AL East Deficit Down To One

I had hoped the Yankees could go on a run during this current home-stand, and last night they took the first step in that endeavor.  Jordan Montgomery had a great bounce-back outing. Didi Gregrorius continued his post-All Star Break surge. Aroldis Chapman continued to move closer to his real self. Todd Frazier survived his first Yankees home game.

Speaking of the Toddfather, I missed seeing the actual triple play live and had to rely on Twitter whom, if you care to believe, blamed the entire play on him. But really, it was all on Didi, who messed up with bad base-running. At least he redeemed himself with his two RBIs.

Joe Girardi really likes his shiny new toy, and can't stop playing with it. He almost hurt himself with it last night, however, putting in Dellin Betances to start the eighth, treating Tommy Khanle as if he were a situational lefty (and, he's not even a lefty).

After the win the Yankees saw their AL East deficit shrink to just one game, after the Red Sox lost their fourth straight, to the Mariners out in Seattle. Just one game! Hard to believe after the free-fall this team was in. 

They go for the mini-sweep today with their best on the mound. Go Sevy. Go Yankees.

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