LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose Game, Series Again

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yankees Lose Game, Series Again

The Yankees had another chance to win a series yesterday, but they didn't take it. Specifically, Joe Girardi didn't take it.

I'm all for resting players these days.  It's not the 1950s. Today's MLB schedule is a tough one. However, when you have a chance to do something you haven't done in over a month, you have to take that chance. Guys should not have been resting yesterday. 

Jordan Montgomery seemed to be resting in the second inning. I did like the fact that Girardi left him in to work things out, which he did. The problem was that the offense didn't pick him up after that. Yankees hitters managed just one run off Twins starter Jose Berrios, and they were shut down by the Minnesota bullpen.

Let's hope Todd Frazier's okay after being hit in the hand in his second Yankees at-bat. Assuming he is, it will be interesting to see how this 1B/3B platoon will work with him, Chase Headley and Garrett Cooper.  No more "Ji-Man is a He-Man" calls by John Sterling, and Rob Refsnyder's days in the Yankee organization might be over, as both men have been DFA'd. Refsnyder's case was very weird. Up until this year, it was a mystery as to why he wasn't called up, and this year, it was a mystery as to why he was kept up. Oh, well.

On to Seattle where, hopefully, things will improve. I love tonight's pitching match-up: Luis Severino vs Felix Hernandez. I'm looking forward to the two innings I'll see before I fall asleep.

For Starters
Can we stop talking about the Yankees trading for a stud starting pitcher already? All the good starters on the market will cost major prospects. Unless they can get a middle to back-end of the rotation guy, they won't trade for a starter.

The Yankees already have enough candidates to replace Michael Pineda: Chance Adams, Bryan Mitchell, Chad Green, Domingo German, and Adam Warren are all possibilities. I think we'll see one of these guys claim the spot sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

I am in agreement as to when and how often to rest players. If I recall correctly Headly sat, Cooper played first against a right hander, Holliday and Judge both were not playing. I looked at the starting lineup and thought it was going to be a tough one, most specifically with Montgomery's turn being up.
It is not that I lack confidence in the players playing, or in Montgomery, the game's importance just seemed immdiately to be less than resting players. Coupled with the fact it ws an early starting game, and tonight's game is at Seattle, would have liked to get the win. I do acknowldge that rest can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and most certainly Giardi knows the specifics of his players better than I. Just seemd like a
surrender flag being ran up, and another series was lost.
Now that I found another site to read about the Yankees (which isn't always that easy to do when living in Idaho)whom I have rooted for since 1960, thus it has been a good day.
TOFTT = take one for the team