LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' Severino Ace-Like Again As Ellsbury Issue Festers

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yankees' Severino Ace-Like Again As Ellsbury Issue Festers

If you're still referring to Masahiro Tanaka as the ace of the Yankees' pitching staff, I have a message for you: Open your eyes!

Luis Severino is the Yankees' ace. Joe Girardi pretty much referred to him as such the other day, then tried to back-track, probably thinking about how Tanaka would feel. Who the hell cares?

Severino was great again yesterday: 7IP, 3H, 2R, 0ER, 2BB, 9K, against the Cincinnati Reds. I'm almost sorry he wasn't saved for the Rays series. We'll have to wait until the Tigers come to town to see Sevy again.

The phrase "who the hell cares" can also be applied to another matter. The case of Clint Frazier and the man he has replaced (temporarily, at least), Jacoby Ellsbury. Who the hell cares about Jacoby Ellsbury? No one, but that's not the point, I guess. 

Aaron Hicks has just begun baseball activities again. He says he's ready to go on a rehab assignment. The Yankees haven't commented but, I wouldn't be surprised if they are deliberately dragging their feet on this. I can almost guarantee that Hicks will go on the longest rehab assignment in Major League history. During that time, can't the Yankees devise an exit strategy for Jacoby Ellsbury?


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