LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Win First Series In Over A Month

Monday, July 24, 2017

Yankees Win First Series In Over A Month

Before the game even started the naysayers were speaking their minds.

Fansided, a terrific group of sports sites, was in the lead, tweeting this link to a piece that had been posted on their Yanks Go Yard blog hours before first pitch:

Really, it would not have been 11 straight, since there were some splits along the way, right?

Anyway, the Yankees finally won their first series since sweeping the Orioles June 9-11. It was touch and go there for a while, especially after Saturday's heartbreaking loss. Then, after youngster Caleb Smith blew a 3-0 lead yesterday, things looked extremely dour. But the newfangled bullpen, led by the surging Chad Green, got the job done, after the Yankees rallied to re-take the lead. They ended the road trip 6-5, and even picked up a game in the AL East standings.

After an off-day today, a big home-stand begins tomorrow, which includes a four-game series against division-rival Tampa Bay. Time to go on a run, guys.

Trade Deadline
As the talk about acquiring a starting pitcher continues, another conversation has been added to the table: Jacoby Ellsbury. Clint Frazier is making things very difficult for Ellsbury and, even more so, for the Yankees front office. He is now the fourth outfielder, relegated the past two games to pinch-running appearances. Things could get very dicey when Aaron Hicks returns form the DL. After all, Ellsbury's contract prevents him from being traded.

Or, does it?

I can imagine a scenario in which Ellsbury goes to a team without a MLB-ready CF, and the Yankees continue to pay most of his salary. I don't know if such a team exists, though. I've also heard of swapping Ellsbury's bad contract for someone else's. If that someone else is a pitcher who can eat innings, the Yankees should go for it. Either way, Ellsbury's time in pinstripes appears to be in jeopardy. It might not happen during the season, but I can definitely see it happening before Spring Training next year.  Everything is not Jake with Jacoby.

Enjoy the off-day, everyone.

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