LADY AT THE BAT: Weak Bats, Arthritic Knee, Doom Yankees In Toronto

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weak Bats, Arthritic Knee, Doom Yankees In Toronto

After their offensive outburst against the Indians on Sunday, last night's paltry showing in Toronto was a huge disappointment.  However, with Yankee killer J A Happ pitching, what else could you expect? Add the slumping CC Sabathia to the mix and you can pretty much expect a loss.

Speaking of Sabathia, his surgically-repaired knee handed him an early exit, and he is now on his way back to New York to have it examined. Some are calling it an arthritic knee at this point. When I heard that, I thought of this tweet I saw online shortly before the team's flight to Toronto:
Look in the background of the photo on the lower left. Notice that CC is sitting in his seat with a blanket around his legs. Looks an awful lot to me like an arthritic grandfather. Funny, but not that much.

I wonder if Sabathia has appeared in his last game as a Yankee. Either way, looks like he will hit the DL for the second time this season. Best wishes, Big Fella.

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Anonymous said...

It is difficult when the Yankees keep running out batters who cannot hit for their weight; They also keep picking up more.