LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Get A "W" But It Doesn't Stand For "Win"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yankees Get A "W" But It Doesn't Stand For "Win"

Masahiro Tanaka wasn't as dominant as he was in his previous start, but he pitched six strong innings of 2-run ball (one earned). The bullpen took over with three scoreless innings, including a gorgeous immaculate one from Dellin Betances. The Yankees went on to w-....

No. That "W" is a mistake. Well, it isn't if it is used to spell "wait". The Yankees did wait during the game, for a 3 hour, 11 minute rain delay to end, after they waited almost an hour extra for the game to actually begin. This game was, of course, an "L."  The Yankees were shut out for only the second time this season, by a team worse than the majority of the teams in MLB, the Detroit Tigers.

What has happened to this team's offense? For the second game in a row, they could not hit with RISP, going 0-9. Just when the bullpen has been righted and the starting pitching has been fortified, this happens.

It's not going to get any easier tonight, when they face Corey Kluber in the first of four against the Indians in Cleveland. On the bright side (at least, I hope it's a bright side), the Yankees will counter with Sonny Gray, who will be making his Yankees debut. Also, Cleveland's bullpen got shorter yesterday,when Andrew Miller was placed on the 10-Day DL. 

The rest of the rotation in the series will be Jaime Garcia, Jordan Montgomery and Luis Severino respectively. After that, the Yankees are supposed to make a decision. However, if all six guys pitch well in this turn, why bother? Why fix something that isn't broken?  I know, something could break by Sunday, so let's not jump the gun.

Anyway, let's hope "W" is for "win" at least three times this weekend. Go Yankees.

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