LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Lose During Wild Red Sox Win At Fenway

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Yankees Lose During Wild Red Sox Win At Fenway

It was CC Sabathia's 500th career start. He went six innings, and though he didn't have his best stuff, he kept his team in the game.  The Yankees couldn't take advantage, however, and they lost yet another one-run game.

How frustrating.

Would it have been less frustrating had the Red Sox lost? Yes. Would it have hurt less had Boston not snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, knocking the Yankees out of first place? Most definitely. That had to have been the wildest game ever at Fenway Park. And Austin Jackson with the catch of the century. Just unbelievable.

But back to the Yankees game. What's the point of having a great bullpen if you're going to go 2-9 with RISP?  Yes, David Robertson hadn't pitched in a few days, so he made an appearance, but usually, you're not going to see the big guns unless there's a lead. The Tigers know that, and so does every other team. That's the worst kept secret to beating the New York Yankees.

Hopefully, today Masahiro Tanaka can build on his last start. Win the series, guys.

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