LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Steal Gray, Or, Did They?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Yankees Steal Gray, Or, Did They?

Well, I was wrong. Those heels weren't as dug in as I thought. But, I'm glad they weren't.

What a steal for the New York Yankees! A front-line starter for three prospects, two of whom are injured? Unbelievable.

Then again, you have to wonder why Billy Beane was so willing to make such a trade. Sonny Gray will not be eligible for free agency until after the 2019 season, but with his injury history you really have to wonder: What does Billy Beane know about Sonny Gray that could hurt the Yankees?

What, indeed. 

This also makes me wonder if the A's know the full story about Jorge Mateo. Yankee fans know only that there have been discipline problems. My guess is that Beane and the A's know about as much. Only Brian Cashman and his personnel know the details, which might have made Beane nix the trade. Well, I'm guessing, of course. But how can you not after a trade like this?

Per Joe Girardi, Gray will likely make his Yankees debut in Cleveland later this week. We'll have to see how this (and the acquisition of Jaime Garcia) impacts Jordan Montgomery. Montgomery already said he'll do whatever is asked of him. I think he'll be asked to go to Scranton. See you on September 1st, Monty.

Oh, by the way, the Yankees beat the Tigers last night, 7-3.  Go get 'em tonight, CC.

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