LADY AT THE BAT: All Hands On Deck For Yankees Today

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All Hands On Deck For Yankees Today

Why doesn't Sonny Gray ever get run support? A person could make $1 million if they came up with the answer to that question. 

Another million was lost last night when Gray pitched a complete game but lost to the Rays 2-1. Well, at least he saved the bullpen, giving relievers a full day of rest. That rest was definitely needed, especially when you look ahead to today's game.

Jaime Garcia vs Chris Archer? Joe Girardi is obviously hoping Garcia can build on his last start, but why does it have to be today? A loss today, along with a Red Sox win, could put the Yankees 5.0 full games out of first place in the AL East. 

But all hands will be on deck, I'm sure. Garcia will have a short leash, and the bullpen will be on high alert. As for Archer, the Yankees have had success against him in the past, Opening Day this year being a disappointing exception.

Fragile Bird?
There's always a popular question that ambitious fans try show off their analytical skills with. This time it concerns Greg Bird. With back spasms being his latest injury, the calls to dump him have been heard all over Yankees Universe. I've heard Eric Hosmer's name more than once since Bird's back seized up.

My question is this: Why do back spasms have to be the last straw?  As usual, everyone is ready to jump the gun. It's back spasms, people, not back surgery.  Yes, it's fair to wonder if Bird will always be an injury-prone player, and a decision may have to be made eventually. But just hold your horses, everyone. Take a breath.

Take a deep breath, and beat the Rays.

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