LADY AT THE BAT: Chapman Stirs Playoff Atmosphere As Yankees Beat Twins

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Chapman Stirs Playoff Atmosphere As Yankees Beat Twins

It was just like a playoff game. Well, all of the Yankees' games have felt like that lately, but this one even more so. The Yankees beat their Wild Card chasing rivals, the Minnesota Twins, in a nail biter, final score 2-1.

While the Orioles teased Yankees Universe during their game against the Red Sox, Aaron Judge's 44th HR, a solo shot, stood up as the difference at the Stadium, until Jaime Garcia gave up the tying run in the fifth inning. Then, in case you didn't feel the playoff atmosphere up to that point, the Yankees were happy to oblige. 

Especially Aroldis Chapman. If there were any way for the Yankees and Joe Girardi to hear me, I'd beg them NOT to use Dellin Betances in the Wild Card Game. Please! It should be Khanle, Robertson and Chapman in that order.

YES cameras showed Chapman talking to Betances after he bailed out the homegrown, hometown reliever in the eighth. The announcers assumed Chapman was giving Betances some pointers. "School is in session," Michael Kay said, as he usually does in those situations. However, when asked what he'd  told Betances during his on-the field postgame interview he said in Spanish, "No, nada," which translates to "no, nothing." 

Whatever. I'm just glad Chapman is back and I hope he stays that way. Stay great, Chappie and stay seated Dellin.

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