LADY AT THE BAT: Hicks, Monty Help Yankees Earn WC Home Field

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hicks, Monty Help Yankees Earn WC Home Field

Imagine if Aaron Hicks had been healthy all season! Oh, well, what's done is done. But, what was done last night!

The Yankees have Hicks to thank for helping make sure the AL Wild Card Game will be at Yankee Stadium next Tuesday. His catch was easily the biggest of the year--by a Yankee.

I was walking home from work, so I didn't see it live. On my way home I usually pass a little wannabe sports bar. Last night when I passed it I peeked into the window, at the nearest TV, and saw that the Rays had the bases loaded. I was too far away to tell how many outs there were, but I knew it was only the first inning. Since my phone is a piece of crap, and since I didn't want to be seen staring into the window of a bar, I left, and spent the rest of the way home wondering how badly the damage would be in the inning, and whether or not Jordan Montgomery could limit it. 

Of course, he was able to limit it to one run, thanks to Hicks, who might be the best fourth outfielder in baseball. If the Yankees get past next Tuesday, Hicks will definitely play a big part going forward in the postseason. 

So far on this home stand, the Yankees have made up the ground they lost while in Toronto over the weekend. They are now 3.0 games behind the Red Sox with five to play. Don't count on it, Yankees Universe. But, if nothing else, the pressure will be kept on Boston, especially if the Astros, who come to Boston this weekend, still have a chance at best record. 

Press on, guys.

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