LADY AT THE BAT: Judge Passes Big Mac As Yankees Win KC Make Up

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Judge Passes Big Mac As Yankees Win KC Make Up

Yesterday the Yankees made up a game that was rained out much earlier in the season, before the All Star Break. At that time, Aaron Judge was having a first half for the ages. He was running away with the AL Rookie of The Year Award, the MVP, the batting title and the Triple Crown. Then came July and August, and it looked as if Rookie of the Year was the only sure thing. Just barely.

Now, in this final month of the regular season, though the batting title and Triple Crown are a thing of the past, Judge has solidified his hold on the top spot for rookies. He has also made up significant ground in the MVP race. Oh, and he has now hit more home runs than any other rookie in MLB history. 

Let the comparisons to Mark McGwire begin. The bad ones, that is. Judge has already been accused of PED use by fans of nearly every opposing team this year. Though I doubt McGwire was using PEDs way back in 1987, his later career performance, fair or not, cancels out such solid critical thinking.

Another thing that cancels out solid critical thinking: the dimensions (or, perceived dimensions) of Yankee Stadium. The short porch in right field is one thing, but to hear opposing fans talk, you would think the entire Stadium is a little league park. It's not the fans' fault. If they've never been there, all they have to go on are the words of the announcers who call the games they watch/listen to. Even if a ball is hit into the left field seats, there is a good chance one of those announcers will call it a Yankee Stadium Home Run--meaning, it traveled the same distance it would have traveled had it been hit into the short porch in right.

Ah, what can you do? Nothing. Just tune 'em out and keep shouting "all rise." 

All rise, indeed. Congratulations Aaron Judge.

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