LADY AT THE BAT: No Friends, No RISP, No Problem: Yankees Win

Thursday, September 14, 2017

No Friends, No RISP, No Problem: Yankees Win

I saw a tweet yesterday evening, the gist of which was, "Joe Girardi isn't interested in making friends, and the Yankees aren't interested in scoring with RISP."

That pretty much summed up yesterday's series win against the Tampa Bay Rays. Girardi bruised the egos of Jaime Garcia and Dellin Betances, while his offense went 2-14 with RISP. 

I didn't see most of the game as it unfolded, but when I watched the encore later in the evening, I watched the exchange between Girardi and Garcia and was at a bit of a loss. To me, at least, Garcia looked more stunned then angry. I think the media was making more of the situation than there was. Michael Kay especially, on his radio show earlier in the day, said incidents like this need to be stopped before they lead to dire consequences for the team. What an alarmist.

As for RISP, this could lead to dire consequences. In important games like yesterday's and in playoff games, an extra run can be so important. Let's see if they can turn it around at the Stadium against the Orioles this weekend.

With the Red Sox loss, the Yankees are back to within 3.0 games of first place. The Minnesota Twins kept pace, and remain 3.0 back in the Wild Card race. 

Beat the Orioles.

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