LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Beat O's Amidst Records & Suspensions

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Yankees Beat O's Amidst Records & Suspensions

Well, the daunting stretch run is off to a great start. The Yankees beat the Orioles, the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox, and the Rays beat the Twins.  Things could not have gone any better.

At the beginning it seemed as if Dylan Bundy would follow up the gem he pitched previously, with more of the same, and that Jordan Montgomery would pitch a second straight clunker. All those good feelings from the series win against Boston looked ready to disappear. But as Joe Girardi said after the game, the offense figured out what Bundy was trying to do to them. That made it easier to go to the bullpen early. Chad Green came in and continued his other-worldly stretch, and the Orioles were pretty much shut down the rest of the way. Yankees win, Yankees win.

A couple of milestones in the game: Didi Gregorius became the first Yankee SS ever to hit 20 home-runs in two consecutive seasons. Even The Captain didn't do that. Then there was Aaron Judge, who was 1-1 with four walks. His first walk got him to the milestone: number 100 on the season, the first time a rookie hit the century mark in that category since Jim Gilliam did it in 1953. Gilliam isn't the only one Judge joins at that party. Ted Williams walked 107 times as a rookie.

Gary Sanchez began serving his now-three-game suspension yesterday. It really ends up being a two-game suspension, since Sanchez never catches Jordan Montgomery anyway. Austin Romine went 0-2 with a walk last night. With the offense peaking right now, Romine's mediocre bat shouldn't drag things down too much over the next two games. He will likely serve any suspension he ends up with this weekend in Texas.

As for Sanchez, he apologized in a statement he released upon the announcement of the suspension settlement. The statement included this: "...I know to some these may be mere words, but they are words that I feel the need to express because I sincerely feel this way...."  In case you haven't already figured it out, Sanchez has his own PR team. They do a very good job marketing his brand. However you feel about such things, they are probably the wave of the future. Who knows if he does or doesn't feel that way? A LOT of people are convinced that he doesn't. Whatever the case may be, I'm just glad he won't be serving the double-digit-game ban that so many fans (including some Yankees fans) wanted him to receive.

CC tonight. Go get 'em, Dub.

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