LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Complete Sweep As Judge Enters Elite Company

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yankees Complete Sweep As Judge Enters Elite Company

After sweeping away the Twins yesterday, the Yankees are 15-5 in their last 20. They are playing excellent baseball, and have pretty much locked up the first Wild Card.

But, the Red Sox keep winning, too. Time is running out for the Yankees to catch them. It's probably safe to say that they won't.

Would you rather the Yankees were 5-15 on this stretch, though? Putting things into perspective always soothes the savage soul. They've been playing great and having lots of fun at the same time, something that rarely happened with Derek Jeter's Yankees. I can't see him being involved in the team's response to Thumbs Down Guy. Can you?

Speaking of Jeter, Didi Gregorius now holds the record for most home runs in a single season by a Yankee shortstop. How about Didi checking on the Twins catcher before he began his home run trot? Somehow, I can't see Jeter doing that, either.

Aaron Judge was his usual humble self after further solidifying his historic rookie season, putting him in the company of Red Sox great Ted Williams. Judge might as well have said, "I didn't do anything, my teammates did it all." Hopefully he will let loose once the season ends and bask in the spotlight. 

Judge was the subject of some very strange comments by Suzyn Waldman on the radio post-game show. Rickie Ricardo, in for Sweeney Murti, asked her about Judge's day. Suzyn, who grew up a Red Sox fan, had just finished remarking on how humble Didi was when asked about his day. My mouth dropped open when she said that, not too much should be made of what Judge has done. "I prefer to think of it the way Didi thought of what he did," she said. What??? Then she started rambling on about how we can't compare what today's players are doing to what those in the past did. It's a different game, she said. Oh, Suzyn, your love for Ted Williams is showing way too much. 

Install The Netting!
Do we have to wait for someone to die before netting is installed down the lines at Yankee Stadium? This entire debate reminds me so much of the one on gun control. Let's hope the comparison ends there, and doesn't have to continue if someone does, indeed die. Get 'er done, guys.

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