LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Look To Complete Twin Separation Today

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Yankees Look To Complete Twin Separation Today

In this end-of-season stretch of trying to overtake the Red Sox for first place in the AL East, the Yankees have gained just one half game in the standings.

So frustrating. 

Then again, they won their sixth-straight series last night when they beat the Twins 5-2. CC Sabathia out-pitched Jose Berrios, which I thought would never happen. But, wise, old CC knew how to take advantage of a young Twins lineup, after their Bunt On CC tactic fizzled out. No matter how great an idea bunting on CC is, it never really works in the long-run, does it?

So now the Yankees have a 6.0 game lead in the Wild Card. They will definitely be playing past the last day of the regular season. Their magic number is five. Too bad that magic number doesn't mean more than the Wild Card Game at this point. Eleven games to go. Winning the division just doesn't seem likely at this point.

Do the Yankees believe it will, however? They have reshuffled their rotation again. Luis Severino who, at first, was being hidden from the Twins for a possible Wild Card Game, will instead pitch in today's series finale. That will give him a chance to pitch a total of three more times before the season ends. I'm okay with it. I don't think the Twins are so great offensively that they can figure Sevy out after today's game. Then again, you never know. We'll see.

Finally, it was nice to see the Yankees score five runs the "old-fashioned" way, without a home run. Geez, winning a game without going yard is old school now. What has this game come to? Anyway, if the Yankees want to go anywhere this postseason, they have to make that a trend.

Sweep the Twins.

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