LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' Severino: From Bum To Ace In One Year

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yankees' Severino: From Bum To Ace In One Year

No formal announcement's been made yet, but Luis Severino will likely start the Wild Card Game on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. Last night was his final regular season start, and it was a beauty.

Sevy had some trouble settling in, but was able pull it together in time to virtually shut the Rays down. That is a good sign. No margin for error in an elimination game. 

After the game Sevy compared this season to his previous one, reminding everyone that, last year, they weren't even letting him start as the season progressed. Now, here he is primed to, hopefully, lead his team on a playoff run. 

Unlike tonight's starter Sonny Gray, Sevy usually had the run counter working for him this season. It was working last night with Aaron Judge's clutch two-run double in the fifth, and home runs by Starlin Castro, Greg Bird and Aaron Hicks in the sixth. I loved watching the little dugout press conference after each home run. Toe's camera? The best!

So now it's 3.0 games behind the Red Sox with four to play. A lot of mountains ahead. Probably can't move 'em, but no harm in trying.

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