LADY AT THE BAT: Disappointment But Pride After Game 7 ALCS Loss

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Disappointment But Pride After Game 7 ALCS Loss

The disappointment is there. It certainly is. But what a season for the 2017 New York Yankees. I am never going to get tired of saying how proud I am of this team.

To come this far in a rebuilding year? Simply unheard of. And this team is only going to get better. As columnist Joel Sherman indicated recently, this 2017 team is the worst of all the ones in this new era. The organization is stacked, and you know the front office will make any other deals that need to be made to keep the team in the hunt in 2018.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. Look at other teams who were in the position the Yankees are in now. You never know what could happen to derail things. But, now's not the time to think about all of that. It's about looking at how bright the future is.

The team itself is too bummed out to see that brightness at the moment. That's a good thing, apparently. Several former Yankees have mentioned how it motivated them to succeed in the following years. Take it and run with it, guys.

More to come on the end of the 2017 season later this week, along with a look at the upcoming off-season. 

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