LADY AT THE BAT: Possible Yankees Dynasty Ahead of Schedule

Friday, October 13, 2017

Possible Yankees Dynasty Ahead of Schedule

I remember discussing baseball with a local Cubs fan, and the subject of the 27 championships won by the Yankees came up. Cubs Fan asked "How many times did the Yankees make the post season?"

My answer has always been that the Yankees have won 40 pennants.

'But haven't the Yankees been to the post season more than that?" Cubs Fan asked.

Well, yes, but to me and most Yankees fans, the post season only matters if a World Series is involved. I really don't know how many times the Yankees have been in the post season without an appearance in the World Series.
But, if you give me a minute.

I still feel the same way to this day. I remember the anguish at not winning in the ALCS in 1980, which followed a 103-game winning season. The Royals sweep of the Yankees that October made the Yankees post season meaningless and the entire 1980 season meaningless to me, for that matter.

Never would I purchase or wear in public a shirt that said "AL East Division Champions."  I only wanted to show off the trophy. Or save my money otherwise.

But regardless of the outcome of this year's playoffs, there is something special about  these 2017 Yankees that will stick with me forever--41st pennant and 28th championship, or not.

Possibly, it is the beginning of another dynasty in the Bronx.

The loss in 1980 was the official end of that 70's dynasty, which probably happened a year earlier with the tragic death of Thurman Munson. The Yankees were never the same for a long period. When the Yankees lost the World Series in the Arizona desert in 2001, another dynasty probably ended. Buster Olney  wrote a book on that series titled The Last Night of the Yankees Dynasty, a reminder that we have been here before. Sports Illustrated (SI) published a cover story in June 1965 showing Mickey Mantle looking exhausted, with the caption "New York Yankees: End of an Era." Great Yankees dynasties have come to an end a few times.

Somewhere else we have been before: the beginning of a new dynasty. This is where we might be, here in 2017.

Now the big question is can the Yankees pull off winning a championship this year? The defeat of the heavily favored Indians suggests something is up. The great run by Cleveland during the stretch of August and September rendered the Indians as the AL's best team.

And the Yankees beat them in comeback fashion three games to two.

Now the Astros are the next challenge. Let's be clear, like the Indians, the Astros are the better team going into the series. But the games still have to be played. And the Yankees found a way to dethrone the Indians. Can they do the same with Houston?

There is no telling what these Yankees might have in store for this series. Tune in tonight and enjoy the ride.

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