LADY AT THE BAT: Rhythm Of The Night: Yankees Lose Game 2 After Girardi Blows It

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Rhythm Of The Night: Yankees Lose Game 2 After Girardi Blows It

So, let's sum things up:

Homeplate umpire Dan Iassogna decides the Indian's Lonnie Chisenhall is hit-by-pitch.

Yankee Catcher Gary Sanchez tells Iassogna that it was actually a foul tip. Strike three.

Sanchez informs the Yankee Dugout (meaning, Joe Girardi.)

Joe Girardi does nothing. Heartbreak ensues.

Joe Girardi tells lies during his postgame presser.

I don't know. Maybe Girardi could have saved face if he had ended his explanation after blaming the 30-second rule. But, probably not. The magnitude of the game should have pushed him to go ahead and challenge the call, especially after Sanchez spoke out. 

And, what was that crap about the pitcher's rhythm? And the fact that he went on and on about it? He must have been trying to convince himself of such a cock-and-bull story, as well.  I mean, I thought he was an Evangelical Christian (EC). A family man. Well, considering what certain ECs are doing in our Nation's Capitol right now, Girardi lying is like stealing a grape from the local produce stand.

Is this a fire-able offense? Or, rather, grounds for not renewing his contract?  Absolutely not. This was NOT an elimination game. Had it been, the Yankees would be well within their right to not retain him. Yes, they're within their right, anyway, but it wouldn't be fair to Girardi, after the great season the team had.

Not all of Girardi's players agree with me, apparently. Specifically one Aroldis Chapman, according to his Instagram page. Actually, I'm not exactly sure that it was Chapman, himself, who "liked" that comment. I couldn't find the actual comment on Chapman's page, but if it is in English, are we sure that Chapman could read it? English is his second language, after all. Someone who handles his social media might have clicked on that heart. (But, if he can read English well, shouldn't it stand to reason that he could do more interviews without using an interpreter?)

An off-day today before the series resumes in the Bronx tomorrow night. Let's stay alive.

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