LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Handle Regular Season Well, Netting Issue Not So Much

Monday, October 2, 2017

Yankees Handle Regular Season Well, Netting Issue Not So Much

I'll never get tired of hearing and saying, "This was supposed to be a rebuilding year." A regular season record of 91-71? What a rebuild!

Of course, it's still going on. The Yankees should only get better over the next two years. Prospects like Gleyber Torres, Chance Adams and Miguel Andujar have yet to really make their presence known, and a full season from Greg Bird could really put the team over the top.

Then, of course, there is this year's team MVP, Aaron Judge. I was listening to Sweeney Murti on WFAN late last night and, he really feels that most of Judge's problems in July and August stem from a shoulder injury. As we have seen in pictures and video footage, Judge's left shoulder was iced after the game throughout that time. Sweeney said Gary Sheffield told him he couldn't hit the ball to right-field while his own shoulder was bothering him, so Sweeney is convinced Judge did have a shoulder injury.

In any case, Aaron Judge is your 2017 AL Rookie of the Year and, perhaps, the AL MVP as well. Congratulations and "All Rise."

Netting Extension
Along with the announcement that the Yankees will extend the netting at the Stadium in time for the 2018 season, come the first public comments from the father of the little girl who was seriously injured when a foul ball hit her in the face. Geoffrey Jacobson gave horrifying details of his daughter's condition to the New York Times. He also was very critical of the team, bashing them for dragging their feet on the netting issue, and saying that, aside from Todd Frazier and an employee from the PR office, he had had no communication with anyone from the team.

If I read the article correctly, it seemed to imply that the Yankees hurried out an announcement when they heard that Mr. Jacobson had been interviewed by the Times. What an embarrassment this front office is. Profits over safety. Yes, it's nothing new, but that doesn't mean I can't still be angry about it.

I'll try to post a Wild Card Game preview tomorrow. Enjoy the off-day, everyone.

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