LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Rally To Win Wild Card Game, Face Cleveland Next

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Yankees Rally To Win Wild Card Game, Face Cleveland Next

Everyone was scared, and for good reason. A one-game, winner take all, loser go home, elimination game that doesn't seem at all fair to a team that won 91 games. It wasn't fair but the Yankees did what a good team does. They won the AL Wild Card Game. Now it's on to Cleveland to face the Indians.

I'll be honest. I only tuned in for the top of the ninth inning. I simply did not have the stomach for that kind of a game. I guess I would have become sick if I had watched Luis Severino live. The bullpen certainly saved both his and the Yankees' bacon, which means several of them won't be available tomorrow night.  Well, actually, only Chad Green and David Robertson should be unavailable. I don't see why Tommy Kahnle and Aroldis Chapman shouldn't be. Don't forget about Adam Warren, and we might have to brace ourselves for an appearance by Dellin Betances.

Those fears of a Gary Sanchez passed ball allowing the winning run to score were kicked to the curb. Sanchez must have felt kicked there himself when he took a David Robertson pitch in the groin. First Headley last month, now The Kraken. Ha ha, take it easy guys!

As for the offense, only Starlin Castro, Jacoby Ellsbury and Todd Frazier were held hitless. Good showings by Sanchez, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge and, of course, Didi Gregorius with the 3-run shot to get the Yankees back into the game. As Michael Kay said often during the '90s, the Stadium was up for grabs.

So that's 13 straight playoff games that the Minnesota Twins have lost to the Yankees. Something tells me that streak might end whenever the two teams face each other again. The Twins are pretty good.

How about those fans, huh? Joe Girardi said the atmosphere reminded him of a college football game. Lots of loud cheering and no empty seats. During the post-game, Michael Kay said the Stadium actually shook after Judge's home run. I hadn't known whether it wasn't structurally possible for the new Stadium to shake, or if the crowds just hadn't been raucous enough. Probably a little bit of both.

Next up, the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS. Get a game in Cleveland, guys, then take it back to the Bronx.

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