LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Shock Indians, Advance To ALCS

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yankees Shock Indians, Advance To ALCS


Where to start? So many story lines.

Didi Gregorius with the two home runs. Brett Gardner with the 12-pitch at-bat in the ninth. CC Sabathia coming full circle. David Robertson inducing the biggest double play of  the year, and Aroldis Chapman pitching like it was 2010. It all adds up to one thing: The New York Yankees win 5-2 and advance to the ALCS. 

But two things keep coming back to me. The first is all of the fallout from ALDS Game 2. Rumor had it that Joe Girardi would not be brought back if, after that debacle, the team failed to advance to the next round. I thought that was rubbish. The fact that he got them to Game 5 was enough for me to bring him back if I owned the team. In any case, we heard last night about the meeting he had with his players before Game 3, at the end of which Todd Frazier stood up and said, "We gotcha, skip." Then, last night after the win, The Toddfather said, "This one's for Joe."

The second thing, is that we can now stop all this talk about "recalibration." Anyone who does that is nothing but a wet blanket. Well, let's point the blame right where it should lie, at Michael Kay's feet. What a Negative Nellie. Just because they made those deadline deals means we can't have fun anymore? We have to look at the season as a disappointment because the Yankees didn't win the division? Stop it. Stop it, right now.

As for the Cleveland Indians, so much for Jay Bruce and Andrew Miller coming back to haunt the Yankees in this series.  Come on, the Yankees didn't need Bruce, and the Miller trade deserves patience (which, no one has).

On to Houston. Go Yankees!

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