LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Take Game 3, Trail ALCS 2-1

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Yankees Take Game 3, Trail ALCS 2-1

1. Be competitive ✅

2. Don't get swept ✅

All of my demands have now been met. As far as I'm concerned, anything that happens from this point on is truly icing on the cake. House money.

Of course, having to face Dallas Keuchel after losing today would not be optimal. Ideally, the Yankees want to get the series back to Houston so that the Astros don't get to celebrate on the field in the Bronx.

But, one game at a time.

As for last night, CC Sabathia was Senor Stopper once again. He is now 10-0 with a 1.69 ERA following Yankee losses this season. Who'da thunkit? I hope the Yankees don't give him more than one year on any new deal, though.

While Aaron Judge continues to struggle, he made his trademark easier to see last night, homering and using his height to rob two Astros of base hits. I don't know if he'll ever cut down on his strikeouts, but he'll always be fun to watch when he has nights like that.

How about Todd Frazier having the time of his life? He has obviously enjoyed himself since the moment he entered the clubhouse back in July, and lately it has shown on the field. It's so much fun having a local boy make good on the big stage. In Todd we trust!

Can't say the same for the other local boy on the team. Many are speculating that Dellin Betances has pitched his way off the team, and could be moved in the off-season. I hate to say so, but I think that I might agree. What a shame.

Let's hope Sonny Gray follows CC's lead today. Go, Yankees!

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