LADY AT THE BAT: Judge Officially Honored, While Yankees Slowly Move Forward

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Judge Officially Honored, While Yankees Slowly Move Forward

Only one question remained: would it be unanimous?

About two hours before the winner was announced, I saw a tweet which said Cody Bellinger was the unanimous winner of the NL Rookie of The Year Award, but that, while Aaron Judge had won the AL award, Andrew Benintendi had received two first-place votes. That really upset me, until I realized that the award being tweeted about was the one given out by the Internet Baseball Writers Association. The Internet. The IBBWA.

How silly of me. 😳

Aaron Judge is not only the first Yankees player since Derek Jeter to win the award, he is also the first Yankee since Derek Jeter to be the unanimous choice. Congratulations and, All Rise!

So, who will the now-reigning AL ROY have as his manager next year? Those who have interviewed for the position, so far, are Rob Thomson (eh) and Eric Wedge (ew). Those expected to interview are Jerry Hairston, Jr (hm) and Aaron Boone (hm). John Flaherty (zz) and David Cone (hm) want to be interviewed. The latest name to emerge is that of Hensley Muellens: hm.

Brian Cashman has played things close to the vest so far. He's at the GM meetings right now, and has, reportedly, only spoken on two topics: 1) On his radio show, Michael Kay said that, when asked whether the Yankees should trade for a catcher and move Gary Sanchez to DH, Cashman's answer was, quite forcefully, no. 2) According to a tweet, Cashman also said he expects Aaron Hicks to be a starting OF in 2018. (If true--and I have no reason to believe an un-verified account--does that mean Brett Gardner will be traded? Or, does it mean they will find someone to take Jacoby Ellsbury off their hands?)

We should learn more as the GM meetings progress, and more still at the Winter Meetings next month. Hot stove season is in full bloom. Enjoy it, Yankees Universe!

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