LADY AT THE BAT: Ohtani Says No To Yankees As Boone Announcement Looms

Monday, December 4, 2017

Ohtani Says No To Yankees As Boone Announcement Looms

So, Shohei Ohtani doesn't want to sign with the Yankees. The rumors as to why vary:

  • He doesn't want to play for a big market team.
  • He wants to play on the West Coast.
  • He doesn't want to play on a team that already has a Japanese star.
  • He's chicken.
  • He's stupid.
  • He doesn't want to win.
Whichever reason you pick can be psychoanalyzed until kingdom come. Have at it, if you will. Just don't act like a jilted lover. You don't even know the guy. And he doesn't know you.

I don't mean to be so harsh, but the things I've seen on social media since GM Brian Cashman confirmed Ohtani's decision have made me embarrassed to be a Yankees fan. I won't go into them here. I'll just concentrate on what should be done moving forward.

Kevin Maitan, the former Braves prospect is likely high on the Yankees' list. However, it's more important to focus on the 2018 25-man roster, than to figure out how to spend international bonus pool money. That brings us to CC Sabathia. 

Sabathia should be more in play than he was before. But, anything more than a one-year deal is ridiculous. After that, there's the DH. Though Todd Frazier is great in the clubhouse, he's a decent hitter at best. I would rather the Yankees rotate the DH spot between players they already have on the roster. 

Brian Cashman has spoken to Scot Boras twice since the season ended, but on neither of those occasions was client Jacoby Ellsbury discussed. Please be lying Cash. Please.  Perhaps he's waiting for Ellsbury to make a move, like providing a list of landing spots. We'll see.

Aaron "Bleeping" Boone
Bleeping is right. This is my first chance to comment on this since the reports came out. What a crock! Well, as Richard Neer of WFAN said recently, you don't need experience to do important jobs these days; just look who's running the country.

Aaron's brother Bret's moronic comments about sexual harassment remind us all too well of the _____Grabber-In-Chief. While we can be sure he won't act like Trump, let's hope the new manager of the Yankees won't turn out to be like his older brother. 

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