LADY AT THE BAT: Trade Breakdown: Chase Headley To The Padres

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Trade Breakdown: Chase Headley To The Padres

Well, I guess if you can't deal Jacoby Ellsbury, you deal Chase Headley.

In case you missed it, Headley and pitcher Bryan Mitchell were traded to the San Diego Padres, for OF Jabari Blash (who will never play a single game in Yankee pinstripes). The Padres will pick up the remainder of Headley's salary ($13.5 million), and Mitchell will get a fresh start.

Will a fresh start do Mitchell any good? If you believe what Michael Kay said yesterday, it won't. Kay claims he has been told by pitchers in-the-know that Mitchell's problems stem from the fact that he is not athletic. When you are not athletic you can't repeat your delivery, apparently.

As for Headley, aside from the terrible slumps he subjected us to, there were also some good times, including the walk-off single he got in his very first game as a Yankee. But I will always remember the game, just this past season, when he lost his temper.

Click the link in the tweet below to view the VIDEO:

That blowup came shortly after the Players Tribune poll, in which fans were encouraged to choose walk-up music for their favorite players. The song chosen for Headley: White and Nerdy. He definitely wasn't acting white and nerdy that night!

So who's Headley's replacement? I would be fine with Todd Frazier getting a one-year deal. However, I doubt he'd settle for just one year. So, that leaves Miguel Andujar, and maybe Gleyber Torres or Ronald Torreyes.

No, I didn't forget Manny Machado. It's not happening, at least not this year. I can't believe the Orioles would be willing to trade Machado within the division! And it would cost too much. They're not getting away with offering low-level prospects like the ones they threw at the Marlins.

Watch. I'll be proven wrong, and Machado will be a Yankee by the end of the day today. Meh.

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