LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees To Pick New Manager From List Of Six

Friday, December 1, 2017

Yankees To Pick New Manager From List Of Six

The interviews are over. We will soon know who the new manager of the New York Yankees is.

Writer Ken Davidoff tweeted this morning that GM Brian Cashman will make his recommendation to the Steinbrenner family based on the six candidates he and his staff have interviewed this month:

Rob Thomson, most recently the Yankees' bench coach

Eric Wedge, former Indians and Mariners manager

Hensley Meulens, former elite Yankee prospect and current SF Giants coach

Aaron Boone, former Yankee and current ESPN analyst

Chris Woodward, former Met and current Dodgers coach

Carlos Beltran, former Yankee and current World Series Champion

Based on how all of this has gone down, it would appear to me (and many others) that Beltran is your man. The interviews were stopped after his. They waited until after Thanksgiving to interview him, which makes it look as if they were waiting for him to talk to his family.

Of course, there's the lack of experience, but there is so much more he has going for him: The respect he has from everyone currently on the Yankees roster; his mentoring of young Latino players; his mentoring of non-Latino players (Aaron Judge being the most prominent); and, his solid relationship with Cashman.

Then again, another strong candidate on the list (in my opinion) is Hensley Meulens.  He speaks five languages, including Spanish and Japanese, and with Cashman announcing the Yankees will be all in on Shohei Ohtani, I don't think Meulens will be eliminated from consideration anytime soon.

Wedge and Woodward don't stand a chance, and Rob Thomson would have been given the job the day after Girardi was ousted if they really wanted him. (Thomson probably sees the writing on the wall; he is set to interview for the bench coach job with the Phillies.)

Then there is Aaron Boone. I don't like this candidacy at all. It reeks of Old Boy Network or, maybe even a certain kind of privilege, if you know what I mean. Beltran has built relationships with the team that can help him do his job. What has Boone done, except hit that home run?

My choice would be Beltran, with Meulens second. Good luck, guys.

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