LADY AT THE BAT: Vegan CC Sabathia: A Barrel Of Laughs?

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Vegan CC Sabathia: A Barrel Of Laughs?

Bless me reader, for I have sinned. It has been about six weeks since my last post. 😥

I read books and ate lots of food during that period. I vow to read less, write more and go on a raw vegan diet.

Wait, what? No! That's what CC Sabathia will be doing. Well, the raw vegan part, anyway. I have no idea if he's a writer, although I did catch his podcast--with Ryan Ruocco--recently. A barrel of laughs (and, with CC it really does sound like he's in a barrel; it's great!). Too much cursing though, with Ruocco trying to keep up, sounding like he's never cursed in his life.

Anyway, back to that raw vegan thing. CC says he'll break his new diet only to eat a rack of ribs on the Yankees' first road trip to Kansas City. Really? I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the big man doesn't go back to his vegan lifestyle after that. Dieting is a lot like trying to maintain sobriety.  Don't believe any recovering alcoholics who try to tell you otherwise. (All due respect to them, of course.)

Let's hope this is more successful for CC than the gluten-free diet was for Mark Teixeira. Good luck, big fella!

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