LADY AT THE BAT: Didi Cleans Up Garbage As Yankees Win Home Opener

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Didi Cleans Up Garbage As Yankees Win Home Opener

You have to admit, yesterday's game looked like it was on life support around noon. We were all looking at a second-straight postponement. But, somehow, they found a way, and the fun began.

No one had more fun than Didi Gregorius. Maybe it was a matter of Rays starter Chris Archer focusing so much attention on Giancarlo Stanton (and, to a lesser extent, Aaron Judge), that he let his guard down too much when Didi came to the plate. Or, maybe Didi is just that good. I tend to go with the latter, as it seems so many other people do.

Speaking of Stanton, I have nothing against boo birds, per se. Going 0-5 with five strikeouts will get that for you. Stanton understands it completely. We've all heard what he said about Didi's huge day: "He picked me up. That's what a cleanup hitter does--cleans  up the garbage in front of him." The problem, of course, is that it was the home opener, Stanton's first game at Yankee Stadium. Not cool. However, there are a couple of reasons things like this happen.

First, crowd mentality. People do things in a crowd that they normally wouldn't do otherwise, including irrationally booing the reigning NL MVP.

Second, an expensive entertainment experience. I'll call it an EEE. An EEE brings out more people who aren't die-hard fans of the experience then those who are. That leads to things like booing.

Third, some fans are just mean-spirited, even if they are die-hard. Most people would probably say this is the only reason Stanton was booed yesterday. Whatever. In any case, it should not have happened. But, it did. And it will again, when the next big-name player has a bad first game.

Congrats to Jordan Montgomery on a solid start. Too bad the bullpen couldn't hold it for him. I heard John Jastremski on WFAN this morning, talking about how Aaron Boone is still struggling with bullpen management. Is he?

A veteran manager could get the same horrible results with a bullpen and no one would say anything.  The season's not even a week old. Cut the guy some slack. At least he's not as bad as Gabe Kapler is with the Phillies. Geesh!

Final game of the two-game set this afternoon. Looks like it will be another morning of watching the sky and praying. Might as well just settle in and wait it out.

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