LADY AT THE BAT: Didi, Yankees Take Down Twins Again

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Didi, Yankees Take Down Twins Again

I still remember the reaction from fans when the Yankees acquired Didi Gregorius in that three-team deal a few years ago. It was pretty bad, and as we all know, it got worse during the first few weeks of Didi's Yankee tenure.

Shortly after the trade was announced, I recalled the interleague game between the D-backs and Yankees at the Stadium, in which Didi hit his first Major League home run. Off Phil Hughes. I thought that, by mentioning it on Twitter, I could jog my followers' memories, since, upon hearing the name Didi Gregorius, so many were asking, "Who???" Someone tweeted back, "Doesn't everybody [do that against Hughes]?"

For Didi, the Yankees had given up Sean Green, who had been lights out on the mound the previous season. When he got off to a great start for the Tigers, at the same time Didi fell on his face, well, we all know what happened.

Now he has established himself as one of the elite shortstops in the game, even though he is often forgotten by people who tout guys like Francisco Lindor and Carlos Correa. Well, if his own team forgets how to spell his last name, what can you expect?!

Last night he he hit his team-leading eighth home run, part of a barrage of long balls by him, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, who hit two. (Unfortunately, Giancarlo Sanchez did not build on the great game he had the previous night, going 0-4 with three strikeouts.)

Didi's improvement that first season might be comparable to the play of the 2018 version of his team.  While Green was Didi's counterpart a few years back, perhaps it is the Red Sox who are the Yankees' counterpart this year. We can only hope. After their historic start, Boston has lost four straight, including being no-hit in Oakland last week. The Yankees, on the other hand, have won four straight.

It all goes to show that the division isn't won in April. The Red Sox may very well win it, but they haven't won it yet. The Yankees definitely will have something to say about it.

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