LADY AT THE BAT: Gray Slightly Sunny As Offense Carries Yankees Past Twins Again

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gray Slightly Sunny As Offense Carries Yankees Past Twins Again

Sonny Gray had the guy he wanted behind the plate last night: Austin Romine. But, before anyone could get really comfortable, he had given up a two-run homer to Miguel Sano. I pictured Gary Sanchez, who DH'd last night, sitting in the dugout, watching Romine watching the ball sail over the fence, and saying, "I could have done that."

Gray did settle down. A little. He was saved by the bullpen, and by the Yankees' prolific offense, which I hope is finally here to stay. Imagine what it would be like if Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton truly joined the party. Then it would really be a circular lineup. 

Even Gleyber Torres did some partying last night. It was really only his first game in which he never even made it to the door. Since then, he has either knocked on the door or made it inside and bellied up to the bar. In the very early going he is batting .313 with three runs scored and an RBI. The kid knows what to do with the bat, and he knows how to handle the glove. He won't be going back to Scranton any time soon.

As for Miguel Andujar, that might be another story. Can't the Yankees just DFA Neil Walker? He only has a one-year deal. DFA him and let Brandon Drury take his place on the bench. Simple as that. Then again, what do I know? We'll just have to wait and see what the Yankees decide to do.

No decision needs to be made about Didi Gregorius. Another home run last night, giving him one in four straight games. He leads the Majors in RBIs. The Majors. Gene Michael is resting in eternity, smiling and nodding his head right now, saying, "Yep. Told ya." If he hadn't recommended the trade for Didi, we would not be witnessing all of this right now. Well, we probably would be, but as highlights of games played by another team. Thanks, again, Stick.

Yankees go for the series sweep this afternoon. Keep the line moving, Jordan Montgomery.

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