LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Complete Sweep As Big Three Hits Three

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yankees Complete Sweep As Big Three Hits Three

It was the Big Three's first home run trifecta of the season.

Wait. Is that what we're calling them? Is that what we're calling it? Them, of course, refers to Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, and Aaron Judge. All three homered, in that order (but, not back-to-back-to-back) in the same game, for the first time this season.

Sometimes people try too hard to come up with nicknames for people and things. Someone on Twitter came up with the Hashtag #AaronStanChez yesterday. I kid you not. Come on, plain and simple is best. Some have referred to them as the Big Three, so that's what we all should do.

The beneficiary of all that power was starting pitcher Luis Severino. He was the first starter in the rotation to pitch into the seventh inning.  He is the ace, so, of course he was. Once, again, plain and simple is best: The rest of the rotation needs to follow his lead.

Ronald Torreyes made his 2018 debut in the game, playing 2B, making a spectacular catch and batting in a run, just as if he's played in all six games this season. A pro's pro, fundamentally sound, I can definitely see Toe as a coach or manager one day.

The Baltimore Orioles come to town tonight for the first of four. The O's are 1-5, coming off being swept by the World Champion Astros. Don't expect the Yankees to have as easy a time with them. However, anything less than three out of four won't be acceptable.

Go Yankees!

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