LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Sweep Angels, Astros Up Next

Monday, April 30, 2018

Yankees Sweep Angels, Astros Up Next

The last time the Yankees traveled to Anaheim, it turned into a 1-6 road trip. It was about a quarter way through last season, they had just had a hugely successful home-stand and were clicking on all cylinders. I believe they won the opener against the Angels, then proceeded to lose all the remaining games on the trip, including three in Oakland. Really, it was typical of the lack of success the Yankees have had on the West Coast for many years.

When they departed for La La Land this time around, it was hard not to be afraid the same results would materialize. When Shohei Ohtani took Luis Severino deep on Friday night, I was tempted to say, "Here we go again." But the Yankees managed to pull out the win in 10 innings, thanks, in part, to Didi Gregorius's go-ahead homer.

Saturday's laugher was fun to watch, and CC Sabathia on Sunday night showed fans outside of New York why the Yankees re-signed him. The entire pitching staff was great during the series. In fact, during the nine-game winning streak, the starters ERA has been under three, and the bullpen ERA under two.

Speaking of that laugher, the Yankees scored 11 runs, and hit 0 home runs. "You can't predict baseball, Suzyn." You might have better luck predicting Gary Sanchez home runs. The one he hit last night was so long it cleared both bullpens at Anaheim Stadium.

This was the first three-game sweep of the Angels in Anaheim since 2003. That was one of those years after the last dynasty, which always ended so painfully, usually with a first round exit in the playoffs. The Angels had a bad weekend, but they could be right up there at the end of the season. The Yankees might have to go through them on the road to the World Series. Keep your noses to the grindstone, guys.

Next up: A rematch with the Houston Astros. The winning streak should go by the boards tonight with Sonny Gray pitching for the Yankees. Then again, maybe he'll surprise us. I hope so. Go Yankees.

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