LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Win As Stanton Has Best Game To Date

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yankees Win As Stanton Has Best Game To Date

Was this the game in which Giancarlo Stanton became a Yankee?

There always seems to be that game for a new Yankee. Although, it doesn't happen as often as we like to think. The last one I can remember is the one in which Jason Giambi homered in the rain. Against the Minnesota Twins. It wasn't raining, but Stanton homered against the Twins last night. All together, he was 4-4 with 2 RBI and three runs scored along with the home run. He did not strike out. He and the rest of the offense provided plenty of support to Masahiro Tanaka in a 14-1 victory.

The Yankees have now won four of their last five games. They still have three more games this week against the Twins, to which they have been daddies forever, it seems. It might be tough to eke out a win tonight with their young ace Jose Berrios on the mound but, as the saying goes, "you can't predict baseball, Suzyn."

The guy who famously said that, John Sterling, has come up with a pretty cool home run call for Miguel Andujar: "Andujar, hits it far. And he's gettin' miggy with it." Not bad. Not bad at all. I think we're going to be hearing that a lot from now on. Andujar is definitely the goods.

Unfortunately, we may have to listen to one of the calls he uses for Stanton, as well. What lunacy. But, I guess, having the opportunity to use those calls is what really matters. So, let's grin and bear it, folks.

CC Sabathia on the hill tonight. Go get 'em, big fella.

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