LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Win On Gleyber Day As Andujar Shows How It's Done

Monday, April 23, 2018

Yankees Win On Gleyber Day As Andujar Shows How It's Done

The day we had all been waiting for finally arrived yesterday. Gleyber Torres, all smiles with his new bride watching from the stands, batted eighth and played 2B in a 5-1 series-clinching win over the Toronto Blue Jays. Though he didn't show us anything in the game, his former Arizona Fall League teammate Miguel Andujar did, going 4-4 with an RBI and a run scored.

Andujar apparently had marching orders yesterday. Before the game, he told Didi Gregorius he was feeling good. Didi's response was, "Show me." He showed us all, pushing his BA over the .300 mark in the process. He's had a great week, and I would not be surprised at all if he won the AL Player Of The Week Award. 

I agree with what Jack Curry said on the postgame show: The 3B job now belongs to Miguel Andujar. In hindsight, there really was no reason to trade for Brandon Drury, though Drury was a very good pickup. He's under team control for a while, and can play other positions on the diamond. Along with the pain and blurred vision, he'd best get the idea of playing the hot corner out of his head. All three should be easy to do, since they have finally found out what's wrong: an irritated tendon in his neck.

Drury is only 25 years old. If he had played yesterday, he would have been just under the average age of the starting lineup, 26 and change. They haven't put together a lineup that young since 1989, a horrible season as I remember. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say things will go a tad better this season. 

The Minnesota Twins come to town tonight, sort of a re-match of the Wild Card Game. The Twins had a rough weekend, getting swept by the Rays at the Trop. Carlos Gomez celebrated his walk-off home run as only he can. And fans are angry about the celebration as only they can be. Normally, I would be just as outraged about it. But, you know what? Let the guy have his fun. The Rays suck. They will never play an important game this season. Sweeping the Twins is probably as good as it's ever going to get in 2018. Also, it was a walk-off home run. It's not like he did what he did after hitting a first inning solo shot. Just chill, everyone.

Tanaka vs Odorizzi tonight. Go Yankees.

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