LADY AT THE BAT: Japanese Schoolgirl Knuckles Up

Monday, November 17, 2008

Japanese Schoolgirl Knuckles Up

When I think of Japanese Schoolgirls, I think of petite young women on the cutting edge of fashion. Most people who follow fashion are aware of the trendsetting, often flaky styles favored by teenage girls in the Land Of The Rising Sun. Yes, these girls would be considered flaky by traditional fashion standards.

Eri Yoshida is flaky, too, I would say. Not because of her fashion choices. I really have no idea how she dresses. She could very well be one of those cutting edge girls. But I call her flaky because she throws a mean, side-arm knuckleball. In case you haven't heard, Eri Yoshida has just been drafted to play in a new independent pro baseball league in Japan. She's 16 years old, stands 5 feet tall, weighs 114 pounds and will play for the Kobe 9 Cruise. She's a humble girl, saying she "never dreamed of getting drafted" and she has "not achieved anything" yet. (She's a big fan of Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield and wants to follow in his footsteps.)

Well, I, for one, will be watching to see if she achieves anything and I wish her all the luck in the world.


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