LADY AT THE BAT: Grandma I Love You But Don't Cross My Mound!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grandma I Love You But Don't Cross My Mound!

AJ Burnett uttered those words last night after seeing footage of Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden's grandmother on the mound with him after he pitched his perfect game against the Rays. I almost laughed out loud when I read them. Such a funny guy, that AJ.

Imagine if Alex Rodriguez had said the same thing.  No one would be calling A-Rod a funny guy, most likely.  Somone would find something to criticize about it. You'd see headlines to the affect of "A-Rod Disses Grandma Braden." (I know, her name is Lindsey. Just humor me for a moment, please.) 

What Alex actually said about the perfecto was this:

"I've learned in my career that it's always better to be recognized for some of the great things you do on the field. Good for him. He threw a perfect game, and even better he beat the Rays."

Nice and bland. Nothing about it to find fault with.

Grandma Braden, on the other hand, was more colorfull. Here's what she said:

"...stick it, A-Rod."

So, that's where Dallas gets it from. Stay tuned for more of it, now that he has the perfecto under his belt. (Sigh)

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She-Fan said...

I have no doubt we haven't heard the end of this sorry saga between Braden and A-Rod. So stupid. Now that he has the perfecto under his belt, the classy thing to say would be NOTHING. But we'll see.