LADY AT THE BAT: Pete Rose Talks Roger Clemens

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pete Rose Talks Roger Clemens

According to a recent article on, Pete rose has some words of advice for Roger Clemens:  Come clean now. Does Rose think this will happen? No.

The article is very, very interesting. Written by Johnette Howard, it also outlines Rose's thoughts on his own situation. Rose is a contrite man now:

"I wish I had come clean the day they had called me into the [commissioner's] office in 1989. I do. Because I would have saved myself a lot of grief, a lot of everything."

On Clemens:

"When I look at Roger, I just think Roger is a competitor, and he's got it in his craw that he's gonna go to his grave saying he didn't do this. I think Roger is adament that he's just not going to admit this is something he did. They'll probably give him a plea bargain opportunity. And he'll probably not take it. Why? Because he thinks his whole reputation and everything he's ever done is on the line. If he goes down, it seems like he's made up his mind that he's gonna go down fighting."

I wish I could say that Rose is wrong about Clemens. I want to believe that he'll come clean before long. But Rose probably is absolutely right.

Sad story.

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