LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees' Betances Loses In Arbitration, Randy Levine Can't Shut-Up About It

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Yankees' Betances Loses In Arbitration, Randy Levine Can't Shut-Up About It

It was announced today that the Yankees won their arbitration case against setup man Dellin Betances. Betances will make the $3 million the Yankees offered, instead of the $5 million he asked for.  Though Betances has been one of the top relievers in the game for the past few years, most people, including myself, did not expect him to be awarded as much as $5 million--as a setup man.

That should have been the end of it. Of course, thanks to Yankees president Randy Levine, it wasn't the end of it.  Instead of simply enjoying the arbiter's decision, instead of enjoying his "win" and getting to the work of running the Yankees, Levine, in a conference call with the media, chose to patronize Betances by calling him a "victim" and to bad mouth Betances' agent, Jim Murray.

Hmmmm. Does this man sound like another president we know of?

Hey, Randy, you won. Shut the *bleep* up.

For his part, Betances said he was going to take the high road, until he heard about Levine's comments. He also said that this experience would help him view his future free agency differently, saying it "will be a little easier when the time comes."

That last comment nearly erupted a firestorm on Twitter, with many people assuming it means he won't sign with the Yankees after he hits the open market. However, according to Baseball Reference, that won't happen until 2020, not next year or the year after, as many on Twitter believe. Also, don't get freaked out over his use of the word "easier." Yes, it could mean that Betances will find it easier to leave the Yankees. But it could just as well mean that he simply expects the negotiation process to be easier when he becomes a free agent--now that he has some idea of what to expect. So, everyone just needs to calm down.

In any case, Betances is signed for 2017, Spring Training is underway and games start next Friday. Go Yankees!

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