LADY AT THE BAT: Rookies Lead Yankees To Sweep Of Indians

Monday, May 7, 2018

Rookies Lead Yankees To Sweep Of Indians

Remember when the experts swore up and down that the Yankees would never field a team with two rookies (Andujar and Torres) on it?  Well, they were forced into it, but they did it nonetheless. And it's been working.

I remember trying to get the nickname Baby Clutch stick for Melky Cabrera. That didn't work (though, it should have). Maybe it can stick for Gleyber Torres. Come on, guys, get it started.

Miguel Andujar walks it off on Friday. Torres walks it off yesterday.  Both wins were part of a sweep of the Cleveland Indians, which is part of a six game winning streak, which is part of a just-completed 18-game stretch in which the Yankees were 16-2.

Oh! Can't forget Domingo German. Six no-hit innings. If the Yankees had lost the game, all anyone would be talking about now (grousing about, actually) is the fact that he was removed after 84 pitches. Look, people: The year is 2018. This is not your father's MLB. Get over it.

This team looks unstoppable right now.  As Terry Francona said after yesterday's game, they're a dangerous team as well. That's because they refuse to quit. They play to the end.

Baseball Armageddon, Round 2, begins tomorrow night. The Red Sox currently have a one-game lead over the Yankees in the AL East. Let's fix that.

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