LADY AT THE BAT: Yankees Win Again, Grab Share Of First

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yankees Win Again, Grab Share Of First

That's seven in a row. Their 16th win in 17 games. They are now tied for first place in the AL East--after being 7.5 games behind Boston as recently as April 20th.

Who's "they?" The 2018 New York Yankees. Not the 1953 Yankees. Not the 1998 Yankees. The 2018 Yankees. Not even the 1998 team did what this team is doing right now.  Will it translate to a World Championship? Who knows? Right now, however, this team is clicking on all cylinders, and they seem unstoppable.

Not even shoddy defense and bad sends by the third base coach could stop them last night. Honestly, Phil Nevin, were you too busy worrying about looking fat on MLB Network? Ridiculous.

Regarding the defense, Gary Sanchez deserved the passed ball he was charged with last night. He deserved to be criticized. But, that is not always the case. If you ask me, the kid is over-confident and very stubborn, not lazy like so many people believe. I can understand being lazy when it comes to game prep and practice (by all accounts, that does not apply to Sanchez), but in-game laziness? Putting a game in jeopardy??? He would have to mentally ill to do that. Think about it! It's so easy to label a Latino player as lazy. Make an effort not to, folks.

Game two tonight. Tanaka vs Porcello. (Damn you, David Price!) Keep it moving, fellas.

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